Web Content Accessibility Statement for SCCgov

The County of Santa Clara implemented the portal with the intention of providing the following accessibility features:

  • A clean and crisp design 
  • Consistent navigation structure
  • A public portal Site Map
  • Minimal use of frames and image maps
  • Alt attributes on non-decorative images for screen readers and text browsers
  • Linear, logical web page content that works well with screen readers and other assistive computer technology
  • Logical tab order through links, form controls, and objects
  • Font and background color contrast for visitors with low vision and users of monitors and Internet devices with black and white screens
  • Navigation bars for access to the navigation mechanism
  • Identifying English as the natural language of the public portal to improve accessibility for assistive technologies, search engines and foreign language translation software

Web site visitors are welcome to provide any feedback on the accessibility and usability of the public portal by emailing the County Webmaster.

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