County Policies

Board Policies

The Board of Supervisors has adopted a series of Board Policies which guide the Board in its conduct and interaction with the public, various County commissions and committees, and persons and entities that may do business with the County. Officials and employees who conduct the business of the County are acting on behalf of the Board, and are so directed to abide by Board Policies.

Board Policies are adopted by resolution under authority granted by the Constitution, State codes, and the County Charter, and policies are not set by ordinance, nor are they legally binding. The Board reserves the right and may opt to vary from one or more of the Board Policies when and if the Board deems such action necessary and in the best interests of the public.

The Clerk of the Board is responsible for maintaining and distributing copies of the Board Policy manual, and inquiries regarding the manual shall be directed to the Clerk of the Board.

County Administrative Policies

The County Administration has developed policies and procedures to align operations, set behavioral expectations Countywide, and communicate policy roles and responsibilities. Administrative policies are approved by the County’s Administrative Policy Council, an internal ad hoc committee that brings stakeholders to the table to discuss and edit a proposed policy.

County administrative policies relate to actions of County employees and members of the public who access County resources, facilities, or services, as appropriate. Some administrative policies may also be approved by the Board of Supervisors, due to their complexity or the nature of their implementation, but are not found in the Board Policy Manual.

An alphabetical list of existing County policies can be found below. The list of County Policies below can be filtered by “Category” and/or “Policy Type” by clicking the dropdown on either column, and making a selection. Please note, some of the related forms and information referenced in the documents available on this page may not be accessible to members of the public. 

Click here to search existing County policies​.  Questions regarding policies or related forms and information should be directed to [email protected].​​​​

Policy Category Sort descending Keywords
Board-Policy-3.14-Policy-on-Waste-Reduction-and-Recycling Facilities Board
Board-Policy-3.24-County-Fairgrounds-Policy Facilities Board
Board-Policy-3.44-Use-of-County-Facilities Facilities Board
Board-Policy-3.62-Restroom-Access Facilities Board
Board-Policy-3.20-Open-Door-Admission-Policy-at-VMC Health Care Board
Board-Policy-3.40-General-Policy-Relating-to-HIPAA Health Care Board
Board-Policy-3.67-County-Blood-Donation-Event-Services Health Care Board
Board-Policy-3.21-Protocol-for-Family-Notification Public Safety Board
Board-Policy-3.23-Drinking-Driver-Program-Services Public Safety Board
Board-Policy-3.51-Policy-to-Protect-Youth Public Safety Board
Board-Policy-3.54-Cooperation-with-U.S.-Immigration-and-Customs-Enforcement Public Safety Board
Board-Policy-3.60-Posting-of-Bail-Agent-and-Criminal-Defense-Attorney-Information-in-County-Jails Public Safety Board
Legal-Services-Policy Legal Administrative
Board-Policy-3.27-County-Counsel-Review-of-Documents-and-Participation Legal Board
Board-Policy-3.56-Litigation-Hold-Policy Legal Board
Board-Policy-3.57-Record-Retention-and-Destruction Legal Board
Board-Policy-3.61-Medical-Examiner-Coroners-Office-Determinations-of-Manner-and-Cause-of-Death Legal Board
Board-Policy-3.70-Policy-Regarding-Public-Records-Requests Legal Board
Board-Policy-7.10-Energy-Efficiency-Standards-for-New-Building-Designs,-Facility-Leases,-Equipment Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-7.14-Green-Building-Policy-for-County-Government-Buildings Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-8.0-Policies-on-Sustainability Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-8.1-Sustainability Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-8.2-Zero-Waste-Events Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-8.3-Green-Cleaning-Policy Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-8.4-Zero-Waste-Policy-For-County-Facilitites-and-Operations Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-8.5-Sustainable-Landscaping-Policy Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-3.29-Double-Sided-Copying Sustainability Board
Board-Policy-4 Information Technology Board
County-Issued-Mobile-Processing-Device-Policy Information Technology Administrative
Email-eDiscovery Information Technology Administrative
Information-Technology-Security-Policies Information Technology Administrative
Information-Technology-User-Responsibility-Statement Information Technology Administrative
Maintaining-HaRP-User-Security Information Technology Administrative
Reimbursement-for-Business-Use-of-Personal-Smart-or-Cellular-Telephones Information Technology Administrative
Social-Media-Application-Policy Information Technology Administrative
User-Profile-Photo-Policy Information Technology Administrative
Board-Policy-3.36-E-Mail-Policy Information Technology Board
Board-Policy-3.37-Internet-Usage-Policy Information Technology Board
Board-Policy-3.43-Archive-Policy Information Technology Board
County-Vehicle-Driver-Policies-and-Training Vehicles Administrative
Motorized-Scooters Vehicles Administrative
Board-Policy-7.11-Vehicle-Procurement-Low-Emission-Vehicles Vehicles Board
Board-Policy-3.52-Comprehensive-Vehicle-Policy Vehicles Board
Nuisance-Abatement-Policy Land Use Administrative
Board-Policy-7.0-Policies-on-Land-Use-and-Environment Land Use Board
Board-Policy-7.1-Tree-Preservation-Policies Land Use Board
Board-Policy-7.12-Road-Maintenance-Districts-RMD Land Use Board
Board-Policy-7.15-Recognition-of-Park-Donations-or-Significant-Contribution-of-Park-Service Land Use Board
Board-Policy-7.16-Monuments-on-County-Property Land Use Board
Board-Policy-7.17-Procedures-For-Consultants-To-Prepare-Environmental-Documents Land Use Board

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