County of Santa Clara Links Policy

1.      LINKS

Purpose of Policy

This policy addresses the relationship of the County to the private businesses and other public organizations to which it provides links for users, in addition to providing direction as to what groups and businesses the County will consider providing links to.  The following sections of our links policy explain these relationships:

  1. Links to External Resources
  2. Linking Criteria
  3. Adding a Link
  4. Removing a Link
  5. Endorsement & Liability

2.   Links to External Resources

Our web pages have many links to other organizations, such as other government agencies, non-profit community based organizations, and for-profit entities. While we offer these links for your convenience in accessing the services you require, please be aware that the policies that apply to our portal may not be the same as the terms of use for other web sites. In addition, the County of Santa Clara cannot attest to the accuracy of the information provided by linked sites. The inclusion of a hypertext link to an external website is not intended as an endorsement of any product or service offered or referenced the linked websites, the organizations sponsoring linked websites, or any views that might be expressed or referenced in websites linked to from the County of Santa Clara's Official Web Portal.
The linked website may use or require third-party web tracking technologies, including but not limited to, cookies, web bugs, and web beacons. In addition, the linked website may request or require the download of a widget on a mobile device requiring the creation of an account (userid, password, email address). The widget may request or require access to the mobile device global positioning system, contacts, photos or other personal information collection. The County of Santa Clara is not involved in this arrangement, and you should contact the website owner/operator if you have any questions or concerns.

3.   Linking Criteria

The County of Santa Clara may create these hypertext links if it determines that establishing the external link will be consistent with the following criteria:

  • Websites maintained by a non-profit charitable, educational, hospital, social, scientific or cultural organization serving County community members.
  • Websites maintained by an established news-gathering organization, being either: i) a newspaper of regular, paid circulation that has published no less than biweekly intervals within the County for at least one year; or ii) a television station whose over-the-air broadcast signal Grade B contour covers more than half of the County’s geographical area, that provides local news regularly and maintains a national network affiliation.
  • Official websites of the cities within Santa Clara County.
  • Websites maintained by a state, local or federal government agency or local school or library board.
  • Websites maintained by an organization that receives direct financial support from the County.
  • Websites maintained by companies that provide utility services to County residents.
  • Websites maintained by accredited business and neighborhood associations within the County of Santa Clara.
  • Organizations that support a County-sponsored event or association.
  • Research, education and information sites selected by Santa Clara County Public Library staff using Library guidelines that complement or supplement materials and resources already available in the Library.
  • Websites that provide a unique online tool to assist residents in accessing information on the site or in communicating with each other, e.g., a search engine.

4. Adding a Link

The County of Santa Clara, in its sole discretion, will determine whether the external website meets the purpose of this web portal or for the specified informational purposes. 

Parties interested in linking to the County should email the County’s webmaster at: [email protected].

5.   Removing a Link

Hypertext links to external websites and pages may be removed or replaced at the sole discretion of the County, at any time without notice. In the event that a linked organization is later determined to be inappropriate, it will be removed from the County website and administrative oversight will be instituted.

6.   Endorsement and Liability

The inclusion of a hypertext link to an external website is not intended as an endorsement of any product or service offered or referenced on the linked website, the organizations sponsoring said website, or any views that might be expressed or referenced in the website.

In the event you discover problems with or have concerns regarding the format, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of a linked external website, please contact the organization responsible for the linked external website.  The County of Santa Clara does not control, nor is it responsible, for any linked external websites, pages, or content.

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